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Our Current Read!

Different, Not Less:

A neurodivergent's guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily ever after

By Chloé Hayden

Growing up, Chloé Hayden felt like she'd crash-landed on an alien planet where nothing made sense. Eye contact? Small talk? And why are you people so touch-oriented? She moved between 10 schools in 8 years, struggling to become a person she believed society would accept, and was eventually diagnosed with autism and ADHD. When a life-changing group of allies showed her that different did not mean less, she learned to celebrate her true voice and find her happily ever after. This is a moving, at times funny story of how it feels to be neurodivergent as well as a practical guide, with advice for living with meltdowns and shutdowns, tips for finding supportive communities and much more. Whether you're neurodivergent or supporting those who are, Different, Not Less will inspire you to create a more inclusive world where everyone feels like they belong.


Here's What You'll Get

Have you been wanting to expand your knowledge about autism but just find it hard to carve out the time? Use the power of a like-minded group to keep you motivated to stay on track! Plus, we can all use some more community in our life, right?


Curated Reading Schedule

I know life is busy, so I've broken up our reading schedule into manageable chunks so that it's easy for you to stay on track with the reading.


Weekly Meetings

In all things in life, consistency is key. That's why our book club meets weekly to help you build that positive momentum, as well as, build connections with others in the group.


Like-Minded Community

Sometimes navigating your autism journey can feel lonely. One of the goals of our book club is to help parents & professionals just like you have a place to form connections with others going through it, so that you feel less alone.

Here's what we've read so far!

In Two Worlds

Seven-year-old Anthony, who has autism and cannot speak, undergoes endless therapies and treatments with little improvement, until a transformative event alters his life. In "In Two Worlds," offers a rare perspective into life in silence with warmth, humor, and insight.

By: Ido Kedar


The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

By: Steve Silberman

I Will Die On This Hill

Autistic Adults, Autism Parents, and the Children Who Deserve a Better World

By: Meghan Ashburn & Jules Edwards

Uniquely Human

A Different Way of Seeing Autism

By: Barry Prizant, PhD

Autistics on Autism

Stories You Need to Hear About What Helped Them While Growing Up and Pursuing Their Dreams

Edited By: Kerry Magro

The Out-of-Sync Child

Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Differences

By: Carol Stock Kranowitz, MA

What do you say? Wanna join us???

Here's to learning, growing and reading together!

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